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The office staff is amazing and the dentist and I are on a first name basis! You will not be disappointed. I got my teeth whitened in about an hour and now I can't stop smiling!!! :) :) :)

John D.

No words can express the love and respect I have for Dr. Liu. I was one of her first patient, and I continue to rely on her honesty and expertise.
I needed extensive care, and she advised me of my options, and worked with me to get me the best possible care. Dr. Liu is kind, caring person. Her team of professionals try effortlessly to please their clients. You will not be disappointed if you make a visit to this office.

Dr. Liu, we love you.

Joanne A.

I no longer fear having dental work done. I look forward to my appointments as the whole staff makes me feel so comfortable and special. I always feel they treat me like they would like to be treated. I am always so pleased with the work I've had done there. The hygienist, the dental assistants, the dental associates the office staff and especially Dr. Liu. I really think they are the best and I highly recommend them.

Janice R

my first impression,the office is very clean and presentable; the second is that the staff,though business-like,reflect warm,caring individuals that are sensitive to needs of clients. i have had alot of dental anxiety,and gagging issues throuout my life I was assigned to dr lui's associate dentist,dr lee. i immediatedly felt myself relaxing more and more and was able to get some of my work done. the work was done by both he and his assistant,melissa, who also gave me a feeling of confidence in their work I have had two caps done and awaiting dentures i have been to other dentists in past and have had problems with being relaxed and suffered the consequence of poorer work though dentistry costs alot of money, dr lui staff is honest,do their work thiroughly, and will give someone a break they work things out with the persons ability to pay and their insuraces the office and staff are highly conscientous and skilled i would give them a 5 star rating and highly recommend them

Iris A

I had sensitive teeth for a while and finally decided to go see a dentist. I went to Dr. Liu’s dental office. She examined my teeth, took an X-rays and did some additional testing, but couldn't find anything wrong. I had no cavities, no infections and no gum disease. The only reason, she said, is that I probably grind my teeth or clench my jaws when I sleep. Because, she said, that there were signs of a slight enamel wear. She further explained that this most probably cause my sensitivity, since the enamel is being wearing off there is no protection for the teeth, and they become sensitive. She recommended I get a Night Guard. The impressions were taking right away in the office and were sent to the lab for fabrication. After two weeks I went back to get my Night Guard and I was instructed to wear it every night. And Sure enough, after only one week of regular sleeping with the Night Guard my sensitivity went away. Just like that. I am so thankful to Dr. Liu for, she resolved my issue in only one visit. Thank you!

Meg F

Dr. Lee is very nice and gentle. I had a tooth ache and he did a filling for me painlessly. I was very comfortable during the procedure. I definately recommended him to everyone.

Zhongjing D.

I love this place! Everyone is so friendly there. I had my deep cleaning there and it was awesome. Now my teeth are super clean. Dr.Liu is so friendly and she makes you feel very comfortable. I also got my invisalign there, I just started.

Shanshan O.

This is such a warm and inviting establishment, all the doctors are amazing... the front is so professional and friendly and really explain the treatment plans very well... the hygienists working there are very well detailed and take their job to the next level...Dr. Lee is new to the practice and he fits so well like has been there for years. I highly recommend Dr. Lee to my family and friends.

Mindy L.

Eu gerdamente nos gosto de ir as dentista. Mais desta vez foi diferente. Comecando pelo time de recepas que me fue me sentie tranquila e a vontade, recepcas muito carinhosa. Melissa a assistente do dentista e super atenciosa, me expliqou passo a passo antes de doctor entrar ha sala. Doctor Lee, e um otimo professional un amor de pessoa. Nota lo!

E. F.

Dr. Lee is really nice and gentle. I had a tooth ache and he did a filling for me painlessly. I was very comfortable during the procedure. I definitely recommended him to everyone.

Zhong D

As always the cleaning was painless and now have that nice smooth clean feeling in my mouth.

P. S.

I really had a wonderful experience here. feel warmly welcomed and considerably care.

Zhejun L.

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